Text 23 Jun 20 notes Jim Riggleman resigns as manager of the Nationals, one day after team beats Seattle 1-0 to go above .500

Apparently Jim Riggleman thinks he’s above the law in DC. Despite managing the Washington Nationals to wins in 11 of 12 games and getting the team above .500 for the first time all season, things weren’t going as well as it seemed. Riggleman had a contract option for next year and there had been an undercurrent of unhappiness through the season that the option had not been picked up by the team.

Despite beating seattle 1-0, Riggleman issued an ultimatum to GM Mike Rizzo and the Nationals, saying that if his option wasn’t picked up, he was going to walk. And that’s exactly what he ended up doing, resigning this afternoon.

My feelings are a little disappointment, a little frustration and a little anger. Firstly, I liked Riggleman and I thought he deserved another year. To issue an ultimatum like he did though just leaves him looking like a dick. Really Jim, you can’t bite your tongue just a little longer and let us celebrate the baseball that’s happening in DC right now? Way to distract from the team and everything they’ve worked to accomplish under you so far this season! To the Lerners, though, I know you’ve shelled out a good bit of money to the last two #1 picks, Strasburg and Harper and signed Werth for more than he was worth but how bout shelling out just a couple 100K more to keep the manager around?? You’re too cheap to let this team go anywhere!

Sadly for the Nationals, I fear we’re just going to let our new interim manager ride out the season and they pay him pennies over the next few years as usual and waste the upcoming careers of Strasburg and Harper…sigh… 

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